Aged Herbes De Provence Cashew Milk Cheese

Aged Herbes De Provence Cashew Milk Cheese

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Mild tang, with a floral quality

Coated by hand in herbs & lavender.

Slices hard. Great on crackers or crumbled over salad.

6.5 oz. • Non-GMO • Lactose Free • Palm Oil Free • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Kosher • Contains Nuts

Ingredients: Organic Cashew Milk (Organic Cashews, Filtered Water), Organic Herbs, Organic Chickpea Miso (Organic Rice Koji (Organic Rice, Koji Spores), Organic Whole Chickpeas, Sea Salt, Water), Sea Salt, Natural Flavors (derived from Oregano, Plum, Flaxseed), Nutritional Yeast, Cultures

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Pinot Noir has a nice fresh fruitiness. Our Herbes de Provence will bring out the fruit flavor in the wine. Champagne or a sweeter Prosecco is also delightful. Don’t be afraid to pair this with bold wines like Syrahs and Cabernets as well.