Vegan Picnic Set

Vegan Picnic Set

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This collection of vegan cheeses and deli meats is a great way to welcome summer back! Bring deli-style vegan corn'd beef and cheddar plus turk'y and pepper jack sandwiches to your next picnic. Dip and spread our vegan Roadhouse cheeses to complete the meal.

Makes a great gift for dad.

The Vegan Picnic Set contains:

2 x Vegan Cheddar Slices
2 x Vegan Pepper Jack Slices
2 x Vegan Organic Roadhouse Chedda Straight Up Sharp
2 x Vegan Organic Roadhouse Chedda Garlic Chive
1 x Mrs. Goldfarb's Corn'd Beef 1lb. Sliced
1 x Mrs. Goldfarb's Turk'y Mini Box 1lb. Sliced

This set is a collaboration between Miyoko's Creamery and Mrs. Goldfarb's Unreal Deli, two dedicated vegan companies pursuing a better, more compassionate world through food.