Saying Goodbye to Our Everyday Cheeses

When I first started Miyoko’s Creamery my purpose was to show the world how absolutely amazing vegan cheese could be. Plant milk cheeses and butters made with whole food organic ingredients, crafted with care, utilizing time-honed methods such as natural fermentation and aging. Products that would rival any animal dairy product and build from the creamery traditions of the past to an exciting new future.

Along the way as a rapidly growing company, we tripped up…acting too fast on consumer demand and industry needs and ended up compromising our craft with the launch of our line of Cheddar and Pepper Jack Slices, Shreds, and Blocks. Because of this, I’ve made the decision to discontinue them from sale.

This was a lessoned learn and going forward I will no longer be putting anything else in the marketplace that I cannot put 100% confidence in, and that I don’t believe is the best quality product in the world. That is my promise to you. This is what I’ve learned. As our company grows, I am determined to make sure we stay true to our original core values.

Yes, I want to bring you cheddars, and gouda, and pepper jack and all of these wonderful hard cheeses. But when we are ready to enter the marketplace again, they are going to be made to our true epicurean standards, from whole food organic ingredients and time-honored techniques.

For those of you who love this product, I sincerely apologize to you, but I promise to you that the products we come back with will be even better. I want to sincerely thank you for all of your continued love and support. Together, we are building the future of food and artisan plant milk dairy.

Miyoko <3

While we step away to perfect our game, we don’t want to leave you hanging...
So many of your favorite recipes can still be made with our other wonderful products, including our NEW Vegan Liquid Mozzarella. No need for shreds when we cut straight to the melt!

Whether you’re folding into soups and dips or creating delicious entrees like a gratin or pasta, one things for sure, our Liquid Mozzarella is a game changer. Blending this revolutionary liquid vegan cheese into your recipes is so easy, just a keep a little liquid (stock, pasta water, etc.)on hand as it thickens so you can nail that perfect texture!

If it’s topping your burgers, sandwiches, and other creations that’s got you wondering, fear not, our Roadhouse cheeses makes an excellent spread on your buns and bread! Just looking for a tasty vegan cheese snack? Our cheese wheels and roadhouse dips are ALL solid options for satisfying that craving!

We encourage you to get creative and nontraditional. Play with flavors (your tastebuds will thank you). Go beyond your typical grilled cheese... try a French-inspired option or a flavor packed Truffle grilled cheese. Here’s some ideas to get you started....GRILLED CHEESE RECIPE (cheese wheel)

French-Inspired Grilled Cheese Vegan Sandwich

1 cup ingredient
1 tsp. ingredient
7 sprinkles ingredient

Step 1: Make something
Step 2: Make something else
Step 3: Voila!