Miyoko's Vegan Pizza Cheese Bundle

Vegan Pizza Cheese Bundle

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Enjoy artisan pizza at home with this curated collection of plant milk cheeses.

Start with our world's first liquid mozzarella, perfect for spreading on pizza. Add in our fine plant milk cheese wheels for an elevated experience. Featuring four best sellers, this set is crafted to impress every pizza lover.

Pairs perfectly with wines from our friends at Vegan Wines. There's no better combination than incredible wine and delicious pizza on a warm summer night.

The Vegan Pizza Cheese Bundle contains:

2 x Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella
1 x Garlic Herb Plant Milk Cheese Wheel
1 x Sundried Tomato Garlic Plant Milk Cheese Wheel
1 x Smoked Farmhouse Plant Milk Cheese Wheel