Rustic Alpine

Rustic Alpine

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Semi-hard nutty, sweet overtones & buttery finish.
Pairs beautifully with fruit or use in dishes such as risotto or fondue.

6.5 oz. • Organic and Non-GMO
Free of cholesterol, lactose, gluten and soy.

Dairy Free

Cholesterol Free

Lactose Free


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Ingredients: Organic Cashews, Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Rice Miso (Organic Rice, Water, Salt, Alcohol, Koji Culture), Nutritional Yeast, Fermented Oregano, Flaxseed And Plum, Sea Salt, Cultures.

Miyoko's Phenomenally Vegan
Roman Style Spaghetti
Cacio e pepe, this luxurious Roman version
of mac and cheese will transport you to a trattoria
by the Trevi Fountain in no time. Ciao.
Our Rustic Alpine cheese has a buttery flavor with a lot of Umami depth
and makes Malbec wine lush and juicy.